A company that is truly “for the dogs” is Pedigree. Their goal is to find homes for shelter dogs. And with your help they can do just that! While the shelter dogs are waiting for their new homes, Pedigree has a great easy donation opportunity every dog lover should give to. Check out their monthly promotions.

Save the Pets

When I first met Lori Smith, she was fundraising for Save the Pets in front of Market of Choice. Her goal was to help shelter dogs and cats find forever homes by providing a fun, comfortable place for both pets and their potential families. With passion, dedication and determination, Lori and her team have opened a storefront at the Gateway Mall! Check out the adorable adoption center! And if possible bring some food or treats with you. They always appreciate the donations.

Greenhill Humane Society

In the life a dog person a few cats may come. I live in a great neighborhood, but sadly people move in and move out on a regular basis. Many times leaving their poor cats behind. It has at times been overwhelming for me to provide a mom and kittens the extra room in my house, or to live trap a Romeo male. Thank goodness for Jenny Johnson, Cattery Manager at Greenhill. She has been a lifesaver! Together we are helping all of these abandoned kitties have happy lives.

Check out all the great things going on at Greenhill! They are one busy place. Support them as you can, I know they will appreciate anything you can give.