Princess Zoe Sweet Pea

Just like Arlo, when Zoe came into my life, I was not ready. Thanks to my sister and our friend Katie, they gently nudged me to adding Zoe to our family. I’m happy that I did. At nine pounds of happiness she quickly took control all of us, kitties included. Not even two days after coming to live with me did she get the name Princess Zoe Sweet Pea. She came as Zoe but soon became a princess with a lovely dose of sweet pea. She loves all of her neighborhood dog friends and insists that they get treats whenever we see them. She has even adopted Sweetie the cat as her very own. It is adorable to watch them play and take nap…naps together. She has truly helped make my world happier since Arlo’s passing.


It is said that sometimes two legged or four legged friends come into our lives briefly and leave a print on our hearts when they leave. That verse describes my dear little Arlo. I had him only for eight months. But, during those eight months he brought me much joy with a dash of frustration. The joy he brought me help mend my broken heart over Jingles. Arlo was a sweet, wild boy who came to me not knowing much about what a home or regular dinners were. Sadly, before living with me he did not know love. It makes my heart happy that for those eight months he knew great love up to his last breath. He was young, but apparently was born with a birth defect that no one could have diagnosed. He came quickly into my life and left the same way. He will always have a very special place in my heart.


jingles.jpgJingles…Farewell to the prince of my heart.

Just as the sunny days of spring began in Oregon, life became very sad with the passing of dear, sweet Jingles.

He put up a good fight battling Cushing’s disease. The loving vets at Santa Clara Animal Hospital were so great in helping me to help Jingles try to recover. But it was became so hard for him sadly we had to say goodbye.

Thank you all for prayers, cards, hugs, remembrances and the beautiful plants that will truly keep Jingles living on in the backyard he love so much.

Here is a great poem I found written by a man for his pet:

I was your friend…I loved you well.
And was loved.
Deep love endures to the end and past the end.

This says it all doesn’t it!

Life is never the same. But the love he gave lives on in our hearts forever. I just smile thinking of all the fun he and Ubee are having in God’s sweet land!

Jingles’ Life Story

This happy little 15 year old came to live with me just by accident. It all happened on the 23rd of December while I was dropping off a holiday gift to a client at The Santa Maria Town Center (Santa Maria, Calif.). I walked into the client’s office and there was this darling, but very frightened, puppy who had been dumped in the frenzy of holiday shoppers in the mall. The security team rescued him and took him to the management office and soon the animal control was coming to pick him up.

My client said I just had to take him home with me, I just couldn’t let him go to the “pound”. I was a little resistant to the idea because at home was Ubee, a giant Rottwieler/Shepard, that I was sure would eat this tiny guy for dinner.

It must have been the holiday cheer in the air. I gathered him up, and like any good pet person, took him to the vet. I asked the vet how I should introduce Ubee to this puppy. He said, in his southern accent, just let em’ sniff noses and see where that takes them.

On the way home I stopped and bought him a little red collar. I kept trying to think of names and suddenly with the holidays upon us, I thought “Jingle Bells”. It totally fit because this guy was just as happy as could be once we left the mall and all of the wild people. We instantly became friends.

In the back of my head I kept trying to think of how to introduce the 95 lb. Ubee to Jingles. When we got home, the cats immediately had to check out the new addition. They didn’t like him, but he loved them. I went out to the back yard where Ubee was in her favorite mode of playfulness. To get Ubee’s attention I always had to hold her head and make her focus on me. So with that I said to her, “Ubee, it’s Christmas and mama brought you a baby home. Now, you be nice to him when he comes out.”

So, I opened the door and out ran Jingles. Ubee was hot on his heels. I took a deep breath and went back into the kitchen to observe their behavior. By the time I turned around to look, Ubee had Jingles by the red collar just shaking him like one of her toys. Jingles loved it and when he got loose he jumped and jumped to hug her neck. A little while later I looked out the window and Ubee was laying in one of her favorite holes in the sunshine and Jingles was sleeping on her back.

That day was born a friendship that would last for twelve years. They were the best of friends. And just like that day in December, everyday I am so thankful for the Christmas gift of Jingles!



1992 was a good year for me. My advertising agency in California was going well. I was thinking about buying my first home and Ubee came into my life.

The day we met was one of those days when you don’t have a minute to spare, your schedule is so tight that you just pray you make it from one appointment to the next without being late or delayed.

I had started the morning off early, 6:30 a.m., and was scheduled to edit some TV spots at the local television station. This particular station was a beautiful facility. They even had a patio right in the middle of the building. That way people coming and going could always see sunshine.

Needing coffee badly I went into the lunchroom to fetch some. There staring in the door was the cutest black puppy. I admired her as I always do whenever I encounter a dog (young, old, middle – doesn’t matter). One of the cameramen told me that he had found her out in the country, far from any houses, while he was shooting some scenery for a news story. I just could not believe this poor puppy had been dumped to fend for herself. She wasn’t very old for sure. Another guy came into the room and said I needed to take her because their “mean” general manager would immediately call animal control when he got in at 9 a.m. I couldn’t let that happen. So, I proceeded to finish my edit, pup in tow, and we hit the road to continue on my ‘booked’ day.

Thank goodness my Vet was right on the way (convenient) to my next appointment. I stopped in and dropped her off, asked them to check her out, and told them I would be back for her at 7 p.m.

Well, she was a happy, healthy 12 week, 27 pound, Chow-, Shepard-, Rottweiler-mix pup. I immediately called her Bailey. I always liked that name (must have had something to do with a high school crush). Anyway, we went home and she became part of the family, quickly destroying everything in sight. She was what my friend, Jo Buman, called ‘a wild child’. She had a true love of life and loved everyone she encountered.

How did her name become Ubee? Simple – You be sweet, you be nice, you be good. Thus, Ubee.

Early on it was evident that Ubee had hip problems. With advice from the vet I kept her running and playing all the time to strengthen her hip muscles. Oh, the fun we had – And then Jingles came to live with us and the fun continued. You could literally spend hours watching them play.

Ours was a unique friendship that lasted until Ubee took her last earthly breath. I know if Jingles could talk, he would agree that she indeed enriched our lives in so many ways. We look forward to being with her again one day.