When Jingles passed away I pretty much had made up my mind not to get a new dog for quite sometime.  It was just too sad to even think about having a new four-legged friend.

We all know how friends are when you are sad and blue.  They want you to be happy again.  Thus, Arlo came into my life.

Arlo’s beginnings are a mystery before coming to meet Amy Bloomer who found him near their family nursery in the country. Hungry, skinny, wild and a matted mess, this little guy finally let Amy catch him.  He immediately got a hair cut because of all the mats in his hair.  It was evident that he had been on a hard journey.  They ran ads in the lost and found.  No one claimed him.  Amy knew she could not keep him due to her busy life as a mom and child day care provider.  She told to her friend Susan about her dilemma of not being able to keep such a cute little dog and Susan immediately went home and told her husband Barry that she thought they should suggest him to me.   And thus the phone call was made to me.

I was reluctant and said I would go meet him and if he liked me we would try out the weekend.  He was scruffy and wild for sure.  I picked him up and put him in the car.  He is a tiny one.  Eleven pounds, soaking wet.  He looks like a Toto dog and Ewok mix.  We have had our struggles and many times I have said, “He isn’t Jingles”.  But, we are working it all out.   He loves chasing the cats for pure sport and no harm but they are having a hard time with that.  Each day gets better. Petsmart Dog School is helping as well.   He loves to walk and we are having fun exploring new places with him.   Some days he is a little gentleman and then others…not so much.

Welcome to our lives Arlo!  You are one lucky dog and we are lucky too!