Mel-Jingles.jpgTo talk about my background, I must first acknowledge that dogs have been there for me throughout my life. I am sure somewhere in the back of my mind I have been writing “Tales” for years.

Over the years, many dogs have been in my life – all of them friends. Thank you to Midnight, Sherman, Gomer, Lady Bug, CoCo, Teddy, Scandal, Trouble, Snuffy, Sophie, Ubee, Jingles, Arlo and Princess Zoe Sweet Pea for inspiring me.

Loving them and coming from a family of big hearts help mold the person I am today — a good daughter, sister, friend and co-worker. A person with a caring heart for two- and four-legged creatures.

I strive through my work and life to help others have a smoother path in life. It is my hope that you will enjoy every page as much as I loved writing it. May this little dog book be an instrument of joy along life’s path.

Drop me a note or email and share your thoughts and stories. I look forward to hearing from you.

God bless