Here’s a story from the book. I hope you like it.

4. Say No to Leashes

4_leashes.jpgThe most obedient of dogs seems to change personality the instant its leash comes off. At the dog park I have seen the most dramatic transformation with a simple snap of the leash. No longer are dogs being held back by the lumbering human on the other end of the leather strap. They could care less that being tethered to a person often keeps them safe.

They want to feel the ease of that restriction and have a free pass to frolic! Most of the dogs run, play, and run some more, never tiring of their freedom. At the end of a day at the dog park, I’ve witnessed canines run the other direction when they see their human partners holding the leash and calling out, “Time to go home!”

People might not have gemstone collars, but we do have leashes that keep us where we are, not allowing us to go too far out. Some people control their own leash, while others seem to invite everyone else to take control so they don’t have to make decisions. If you control the leashes of others in your life, I say let them go.

This doesn’t mean you want people to end up running into trouble, but it does mean you
can release yourself from the pressure of making sure everybody does what he or she is supposed to do.

Like the fences that border the dog park, the boundaries in our own lives keep us safe. But if you feel held back from dreams, love, acceptance, or goals, or if you feel stuck in a bad job or relationship, it’s time to examine who’s on the controlling end of your life. Often it is through simple decisions that we free ourselves from those people or obligations that keep our lives limited and held back. The sooner you realize that only God is truly in control, the sooner you can say “no” to those worldly things that tie you down. Then you can say “yes” to your purpose and direction with freedom.